Oilfield Equipment

Sales and rental of oil field equipment

Sales and rental of engine related Oil and Gas Field equipment such as Zone 2 Gen Sets 30KVA -
60KVA, centrifugal pump sets, hydraulic power pack and compressors. We supply Pyroban Safety 
System that can be fitted to Diesel Engines for use in Zone 2 Hazardous areas.

Marine Supply

Marine Engines

REGOMS supplies wide range of consumable parts for inboard and outboard marine engines. We have qualified marine and mechanical engineers who have vast experiences to repair, perform maintenance support, consultation and reconditioning your existing engines.


Marine life saving equipments

REGOMS is the sole authorized distributor and service partner for all marine related products, the market leader in marine life saving systems. We offer Schat-Harding Lifeboat Systems along with their Davits for offshore, merchant and cruise vessel.

o Survival Crafts

o Offshore Safety Equipment

o Marine Safety Equipment

o Portable Fire Fighting Equipment

o Marine Distress Signals

o Fixed Fire Fighting Equipment and System

o GMDSS Equipment

o Marine Chemicals and Welding Equipment

o Personnel Transfer Nets

o FRP Boats and Yachts






Blasting Chamber

REGOMS has blasting chamber facility located in Klang, Malaysia. We have experienced operators who have minimum 10 years of experiences on blasting and painting internal pipes and various loose items such valves and plates etc. We also provide certified coating inspectors for inspection and technical advice on blasting and painting.



Chemical Supply

We are the leading manufacturer of Oil Well Drilling Fluid Additives, Chemicals, Completion Fluids, Production Chemicals, Cement Additives and EOR Polymers. We also provide consultancy services, Mud Engineering services and Mud Management Services. We are regular suppliers of Mud Additives and Chemicals to various exploration and production companies. We have our manufacturing centers in India.







Electrical-Electronics-Mechanical-Solar Supply

We supply electrical, electronic, mechanical components and essential parts for all oil and gas, chemical and mining projects. We also have collaboration with our solar supplier for unique projects.