Equipment Refurbishment and Certification

REGOMS undertakes repair, overhaul and packaging of engines. Complete refurbishment of Zone 1 and 2 oil field equipment, coil tubing and wireline hydraulic Zone 2 units are our core service business.

We are able to provide highly qualified and experienced skilled personnel to complete all mechanical, structural, electrical, instrumentation and controls design plus detailed engineering necessary to meet project requirements.

We also offer manpower supply of mechanics and electricians who are available 24/7 to travel to most customer locations to perform onsite inspections, lifecycle support and oil field equipment repairs. We have highly qualified inspectors to provide DNV certification for Zone1 and Zone 2 steel fabrication and oil field equipment. ATEX and EEUMA 107 certification for Zone 2 hazardous equipment can be included upon request.

All our engineering activities are carried and documented up to ISO 9000 International Standard that ensures products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.






Training, Consulting and Recruitment

Every employee is an asset for an organisation and therefore they should be educated, fully trained, competent and certified to handle the safety and critical responsibilities especially in Oil and Gas industry.

REGOMS provides efficient and effective assurance programs that comply with competency industry standards such as IADC, OPITO and IEC 61508/61511. The Oil & Gas Learning Management System (OGLMS) provides a framework that structure customized key elements of Knowledge, Skills and Assessment program required by a job role.

Our international experienced trainers are able to provide the courses below:

  • Maintenance & Technical Training: Hydraulics, Engines, Transmission, Basic electronics and electrical courses
  • Six Sigma related - LEAN Level 1, 2 and 3 Courses
  • Audit and investigation Reporting Course
  • SIL 3, Programmable Electronic System (PES/SPLC) Advanced course
  • Occupational, Health and Safety Consulting Services

Our professional recruitment partner, JOBSURIA is a one stop human resource solution provider predominantly focusing on staffing from junior/entry requirements up to professional executive search and niche requirements.


Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS)

Fluid Management

Used Oil Analysis used to take the guesswork out of maintenance management and communicate with your machinery.


Oil analysis is not necessarily about failures forecasting but rather the factors that are leading to failure. Some of the key questionnaires are:

  • Are you using the right oil to suit your application?
  • What are your contamination types and related issues?
  • How can you minimise the contamination from entering the machines?
  • How can you remove the contamination which has entered the machine?
  • How can you maximise the oil life span?


We keep you educated with the latest developments of modern lubrication technology by keeping you up to date with the most technically advanced practices available for your Oil Analysis Preventive Maintenance program. We work with you with our lubrication management and condition monitoring systems to improve your housekeeping and by reducing the operating costs.

Our focus is to:

  • Optimise the oil for your job
  • Identify the contamination that is effecting your oil
  • Investigate and advise the methods for contamination control
  • Reduce the machinery wear and tear
  • Extend oil life without any risk

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program offers a one report system for all your condition monitoring methods, contamination control, lubrication and wear management.


Blasting and Painting

Paint is an important component to protect all kind of oil field products. After blasting and primery coating, painting is carried out depending on the required coating thickness, which can range from three to six coats.

Our partner’s experience in marine coatings is unequalled and is based on longstanding links with all the major Singapore ship repair and shipbuilding yards. Our team is able to provide a wide range of support services for new build and refit coating projects, inclusive of surface preparation and protective coatings.

Our qualified personnel’s are able to perform primary and secondary coating thickness test with JOTUN certification.